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What type of birth control is right for me? Are STIs curable? Where can I get care in Dallas?

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Dallas has the highest teen birth rate* of any major city in Texas.

Without accurate information, it’s hard to make healthy choices..

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*Births per 1000 girls aged 15-19, Source: Power to Decide & Texas DSH

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  • Facts

    Young mothers are 6 times more likely to experience persistent poverty than girls without children.


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  • Facts

    Teen childbearing costs Dallas taxpayers over $100 million each year.


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  • Facts

    In many areas of Dallas, the teen birth rate is equal to those of Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa, Honduras, and Iraq.

    SOURCE: Count)

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Make your sexual health a part of everyday conversations

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Birth Control

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Ways to avoid, identify, and treat STIs

Sexuality & Gender

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