About Us

Welcome to Talk About It Dallas! We’re your
judgement-free resource for reducing unintended
teen pregnancies in Dallas.

We’re here to help
you find ways to:

+ Normalize conversations about sexual health

+ Raise awareness about the scale and long-term impact of teen pregnancy in Dallas

+ Provide medically-accurate reproductive health information

+ Guide the community to find safe, accessible, and affordable resources

+ Promote positive sexual health habits among teens

Did you know that the state of Texas is #4 in the country for teen births and #1 for repeat teen births?

SOURCE: Texas Department of State Health Services, Bureau of Vital Statistics; Power to Decide

Did you know that Dallas county is home to 5 zip codes where up to 1 in 10 teens have given birth?

SOURCE: Texas Department of State Health Services, Bureau of Vital Statistics

Dallas’ teen pregnancy and STI (sexually transmitted infection) rates are higher than the national average. Because the sexual education system in schools often leaves students without information, they need to understand parenthood and protect themselves. Therefore, the responsibility falls on parents to educate their kids about sex.

Let’s face it: talking about sex and everything that goes along with it can be uncomfortable, but it’s best to be open so kids can make informed decisions and protect themselves.

Talk About It Dallas Is Here For You.

We want all Dallas teens to have equal opportunities to achieve success. Studies show that teen pregnancy directly impacts economic success and feeds the cycle of poverty. We want to see a community where everyone makes informed decisions to protect themselves and maximize their potential. We want the community to talk about it.

Parents must guide and educate their kids about sex. We’re not asking you to visit a sex shop with your kids, we’re asking you to explain how sex works in a healthy way, on your terms and with your values. There’s no instruction manual to growing up, and kids should have all of the information and resources they need when they decide to have sex.

Birth control, STIs, and sexuality are all normal parts of life—we think you should make them a normal part of your conversations, too.

Our community should be more aware and take action to discuss and reverse Dallas’ alarming teen pregnancy and STI statistics. Your taxes rise with the teen pregnancy rate, so ask yourself: What have you done to reverse them?

Simply talking about sex can help spread accurate information, grant young people the tools they need to make healthy decisions, and drive the conversation forward to lead healthier lives and raise healthier kids.


What We Are Doing

We want to get people thinking and talking about Dallas’ high unintended teen pregnancy and STI rates.

Together, taking action to voice support for fact-based sexuality education in schools will aid in seeing these high rates drop over time. Measuring success is not easy and will take time, so keep an eye out for our updates!

While we track our success, we’d love to hear from you! If you feel comfortable sharing your story, please reach out and tell us how Talk About It Dallas has helped you. This will help us continue to make a change in our community and push for a healthier future.

“Talk About It Dallas” is run by Ntarupt (The North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens), with funding provided by The City of Dallas, The United Way Ground Floor, and various private and public donations.

Ntarupt works to reduce the teen birth rate in North Texas by creating awareness, by providing age-appropriate, medically-accurate, evidence-based education to teens, by helping schools and school systems provide this information, by working with parents and adults to help them effectively communicate about sex with the young people in their lives, and by referring teens to teen-friendly health care, including contraception.

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