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Get Trusted Personal Advice to Your Sexual Health Questions from Ntarupt + the OkaySo App
Almost everyone has questions about sex, relationships, identity, and mental health.

NTARUPT is partnering with okaySo to bring our local sexual health educators directly to you! Through the okaySo app you can ask anonymous questions to trained and trusted experts and get personalized advice, for free. Whether you are a teen with questions and no one to ask or a parent who wants to learn how to talk to your child, you are not alone. We're here to support you. Our trusted experts are here for you and are trained to provide advice on a wide range of topics including: dating and relationships, sex education, birth control, sexually transmitted infections, LGBTQIA, and gender questions. In an anonymous chat, one of our team members will reply to your questions within 48 hours or less. At the push of a button, we have your back, you are not alone.
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Here is how it works:

  1. Download OkaySo through Apple of Google Play store
  2. Create an anonymous user account
  3. Tap “Ask” in the toolbar on the bottom of the screen
  4. Scroll down and select “Talk About It Dallas: Powered by Ntarupt”
  5. Ask your question!
  6. Our local Ntarupt based team will answer your question no later than 48 hours.

Meet Your Ntarupt’s Sex Educators

Erica Wilson


Tia Rice

Project Coordinator for TFYH Initiative

They are trusted local Natrupt sex educators for both parent and adolescent sexual health education programs and are an active spokes people and voices for Ntarupt’s sex education public awareness campaign Talk About it Dallas. In the wake of the pandemic and the State Board of Education updates to the Texas sex education standards, this partnership is more vital than ever before.


I love this app! I had this app downloaded on my iPhone before I broke it and I have genuinely missed this app in the 6 months I've been without! I'm a curious person and someone who hasn't really had a parent figure to go to with questions, but I can with this app! Any question I have about the body, sexual health, or my identity and mental health I can ask and someone who is educated in the field can tell me!

Fantastic app for people who need non-judgmental, evidence-informed, reliable and trustworthy advice from experts!

Super Helpful!
It’s nice to have a variety of perspectives to provide insight into any questions or problems that I have. Also, exciting to know that others are being provided a space to get support & be heard. Love this app!

Okayso, what are you waiting for Download the App Now!!!!

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